From the yearly archives: "2017"
Note: The dates on this list (especially the 2001-2003 period) were pulled from a variety of sources, some of which contradict each other. Some shows are known to have been cancelled, others may have not gotten past the planning stages.


  • 2001-04-21 Full Circle Records, Blackwood, NJ with Cameron
  • 2001-09-01 Evergreen Irish Pub, Somerdale, NJ with Ganto Barn, Atom Bomb Mother
  • 2001-09-15 Private Party, Audubon, NJ with Terminal Velocipede
  • 2001-10-26 Camden County College


  • 2002-01-xx Magnolia Heights Fire Hall, NJ with Q and not U, Ponce de Leon, Lower Merian, Chromelodeon, j.a.r., Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, Alison Ranger.
  • 2002-01-xx The Knitting Factory, New York, NY
  • 2002-02-xx Habitat For Humanity, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • 2002-02-03 The Owl’s Cove, Temple University, Philadelphia PA
  • 2002-02-09 Scooters, Marlton, NJ with Dusk
  • 2002-03-01 Knitting Factory, New York, NY
  • 2002-03-02 The Killtime, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2002-04-12 Scooters, Marlton, NJ with Dusk, Entrace, Burntside
  • 2002-04-30 The Owl’s Cove, Temple University, Philadelphia PA with This Radiant Boy, Blood on the Tracks, Yours, I Dreamed of Pompeii
  • 2002-05-31 Scooters, Marlton, NJ with Two Steps Behind, The Mine Shaft Gap, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, The Early November, The French Connection, Nine Will Die
  • 2002-06-19 Scooters, Marlton, NJ with Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, 3 Mile High, f44:876
  • East Coast Tour
    • 2002-06-23 The BBC, Long Island, NY with Late Night Desperate, Yes Sensei, Blood on the Tracks, The Palmer Raids, On the Might of Princes
    • 2002-06-23 Davecat’s, Long Island, NY, with Radio Raheem, Yes Sensei, Blood on the Tracks
    • 2002-06-24 The 8×10, Baltimore, MD
    • 2002-06-25 Frogg Pond, Rehoboth Beach, DE
    • 2002-06-27 Paloma’s, Baltimore, MD with Encaustic
    • 2002-06-28 Ton 80, Roanoke, VA with The Riders Of The Mark, Tryptycon, Blood on the Tracks
    • 2002-06-xx Harrisburgh Church Hall, Harrisburgh, PA
  • 2002-07-11 Battle of the Bands, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  • 2002-07-13 Anthrocon 2002, Adam’s Mark Hotel, Philadelphia, PA with DJ Rigel
  • 2002-07-15 Boston, MA
  • 2002-07-19 Scooters, Marlton, NJ with Up Up Down Down…, The Hoover Damn, f44:876
  • 2002-07-23 The Elbow Room, New York, NY
  • 2002-08-16 Scooters, Marlton, NJ with The English System, The Hoover Damn, f44:876, Late Nate Desperate
  • 2002-11-16 Alan’s (1619 House), Williamstown, NJ with Miniband, Alphabet Army, Radio Raheem, Yes Sensei, Harris, Robbers, The Secession Movement
  • 2002-11-29 Scooters, Marlton, NJ
  • 2002-12-26 Saints and Sinners, Long Island, NY, with Yes Sensei and Honey Baked Goodness (first show with new lineup)


  • 2003-01-17  The Fire, Philadelphia, PA, with the Can/Am Connection and Pattern Is Movement
  • 2003-02-22 Zen House, New Brunswick, NJ, with Long Since Forgotten, Reason to Believe, Pattern Is Movement, Paulson 
  • 2003-03-01 Girl’s House, West Chester, PA with Alison Ranger
  • New England Mini-Tour with Harris: 
    • 2003-03-06 Fox Commons, U-Mass, Lowell, MA, with Class of ’83, Hope for the Best, Harris 
    • 2003-03-07 Prodigal Son, Hyannis, MA with Class of ’83, Harris 
    • 2003-03-08 The Place, Windham, NH with Human Flight Committee, The Elegance, Eklezia, Harris 
  • 2003-03-09 The Fire Philadelphia, PA, with the Can/Am Connection and Pattern is Movement 
  • 2003-03-14 Rutgers University, Camden, NJ 
  • 2003-03-17 Alan’s 1619, Williamstown, NJ with Murder by Death 
  • 2003-03-20 Saints and Sinners, Long Island, NY with Yes Sensei and High Red Center 
  • 2003-03-30 CBGB’s, New York City with The Damnwells, The Stereolites
  • 2003-03-30 Oh! Hara’s, Gloucester, NJ with Wesley Willis and Angry Atom 
  • Pittsburgh Mini-Tour: 
    • 2003-04-17 University of Pittsburgh, Live Radio Show 92.1 WPTS, Pittsburgh, PA 
    • 2003-04-18 The Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh, PA with Girlush Figure, Counter Action, Better Off Dead, Krooked Grind 
    • 2003-04-19 The Planet of the Apes, Natrona Heights, PA with Waiting Could Crush, The Run for India, Eastwood, Geography 
  • 2003-05-01 Saints and Sinners, Long Island, NY with Time of Orchids, Zeehas; 12 Wait 
  • 2003-05-02 Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ with The French Connection, Left Behind, Rescue Squad 
  • 2003-05-03 The Barn, Easton, NY with Food, Pillar of Autumn, Horse in a Box, Tigers! 
  • 2003-05-04 The Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY with The Murder Group
  • 2003-05-17 The Spot, Havertown, PA with Jet By Day, the Cassettes, Eyes like Knives, Night Train Terror 
  • 2003-05-18 The Alison Ranger House, West Chester, PA with Jet By Day, Eyes like Knives, Arms of Orion 
  • 2003-05-30 The Barn, Easton, NY with Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, Food, Pillar of Autumn, Picklespill 
  • 2003-06-15 The Gradwell House, Gloucester, NJ with Forget Cassettes, AVEC, 3 AM, Radio Raheem 
  • 2003-06-27 Woodstown Presbyterian Church, Woodstown, NJ with The New Jackson 170, Slamhound, A Moment After 
  • 2003-06-28 SJ Pool Party, Westampton, NJ with Sull Against The World, Useless, Templeton, Opus, Willis, Epsilon
  • 2003-06-29 Zen House, New Brunswick, NJ with Death Notices, Dr. Thunder, Rydia, Failed Attempt 
  • 2003-06-29 Easton Graduation Party, Easton, NJ
  • 2003-07-09 Steve’s Basement, Island Heights, NJ with Zombie Zombie, Like Tigers, John Wayne
  • 2003-07-10 La Tazza, Philadelphia, PA with Pattern Is Movement
  • 2003-07-11 Johnstown Church, Johnstown, PA with The Final Conversation
  • 2003-07-12 Lockstock 3-Day Festival (Day Two), Lock Haven, PA with Dufus, Harris and a bunch more 
  • In The Year 20XX CD Release Weekend: 
    • 2003-08-01 Woodstown Presbyterian Church, Woodstown, NJ with The New Jackson 170, Boxing at Sunset, Drive Thru Pharmacy
    • 2003-08-02 Gradwell House, Gloucester, NJ with Nine Will Die, The French Connection and Missing Pilots
    • 2003- 08-03 Eugene’s Club, Vineland, NJ with Hola Dulce and The Progress 
  • New England Mini Tour with Harris Part II 
    • 2003-08-07 Drifters, Nashua, NH, with Harris and Human Flight Committee 
    • 2003-08-08 The Prodigal Son, Hyannis, MA with Harris, The Fleece and Red Five
    • 2003-08-09 Evos Art Institute, Lowell, MA with Harris, Trista Da Cuhna, Careful Horsey
    • 2003-08-10 The Freespace, Fitchburg, MA with Harris 
  • 2003-08-11  The Barn, Easton, NY with Food
  • 2003-08-26 The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA with Hydrogen Jukebox and Bradfield Martini 
  • 2003-09-11 Owl’s Cove, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 
  • 2003-09-20 The Spot, Havertown, PA
  • 2003-09-23 Owl’s Cove, Temple University. Philadelphia, PA with Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Righ B A Start, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, I Dreamed of Pompeii, Outsmarting Simon 
  • 2003-10-03 Scooter’s, Marlton, NJ with Kiriyama, Input/Output and The New Anxiety
  • 2003-10-08 Club 218, Philadelphia PA with: Missing Pilots, High Street Riffs and Blindred
  • 2003-10-18 Zen House, New Brunswick, NJ with The Brain Surgeons, One Eyed Bishops
  • 2003-12-03 The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA with Throws like a Girl, Common Sight
  • 2003-12-05 The Bard, Lumberton, NJ with Kiriyama, Order
  • 2003-12-06 The Fire with Miniband, Halfway to Holland, The Hokkaido Concern
  • 2003-12-07 Owl’s Cove, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA with: Passion, Kiriyama, Bridge Made of Bats, Input/Output
  • 2003-12-13 New Brunswick, NJ with: Paulson, The Sunshine Will, NJ Sneer
  • 2003-12-19 The Woodstown Presbyterian Church, Woodstown, NJ with: Harris, the New Jackson 170, Tonight We Escape, Skyline
  • 2003-12-20 Alan’s, Williamstown, NJ with: Harris,Missing Pilots


  • 2004-01-02 Fennario’s, West Chester, PA with: Missing Pilots
  • 2004-01-09 Franklin American Legion, Franklin, NJ with: Read Yellow, Paulson
  • 2004-01-23 House Show, Albany, NY with: Monday’s Best
  • 2004-01-29 Saints and Sinners, Long Island, NY with: Big Uppz, LickGoldenSky
  • 2004-02-20 Ramada Inn Hotel, Bordentown, NJ with: Heidnik, Ressurected, Passion, The Divining
  • 2004-03-08 Eastern University, St. Davids, PA, with: Joy Electric and Promise Book
  • 2004-04-08 UMass – Lowell Fox Common, Lowell, MA with: Harris, The Model Sons, Jupiter Sunrise, The Loon and Bugg
  • 2004-04-09 House Show, Cape Cod, MA with: Harris, The Model Sons, Arrogant Bastard
  • 2004-04-10 Curly’s, Amherst, NH with: Kermit’s Finger, R2-Detox, Brunswick, The Silent Treatment
  • 2004-04-23 C.O.D.E. Space, Philadelphia, PA with: Robotnicka, Lost Film Fest Shorts
  • 2004-04-27 Owl’s Cove, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA with: Subliminal Orphans, A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, Desoto Jones, Mini Band
  • 2004-05-09 Third Rail Radio, WMUC, University of Maryland
  • 2004-05-26 The East Cafe, Glassboro NJ with: Bamboo Shoots, Jackson170
  • US Tour Summer 2004
    • 2004-06-04 The Public Space Park on the River Front, Henderson KY
    • 2004-06-05 London Youth Center, London KY with Crimson Addict, Hyline, Big Name Button
    • 2004-06-06 Not Much More Than Music Fest, El Diablo Lounge, Dayton OH
    • 2004-06-09 Fireside Bowl, Chicago IL with: Autumn Waking, I Barabbas, Secretariat
    • 2004-06-11 Bucketworks Art Space, Milwaukee WI, with: Select+A
    • 2004-06-12 Bucketworks Art Space, Milwaukee WI
    • 2004-06-12 Big V’s Saloon, St. Paul MN with: Skeleton Key, Chris Danforths, Quad Muth
    • 2004-06-16 Monkey Mania, Denver CO with: Manos, Kindercide
    • 2004-06-17 The Kiwi Rox Fest, Kilby Court, Salt Lake City UT
    • 2004-06-18 Burt’s Tiki Lounge. Salt Lake City UT
    • 2004-06-21 Sugar Beats, Salt Lake City UT with: Insanity Void
    • 2004-06-23 Silver Lake Lounge, Los Angeles CA
    • 2004-06-24 Underground Cafe, Roseville CA with: Ouch My Toe!
    • 2004-06-25 The Smell, Los Angeles CA, Brick Attack Fashion Show with: The Minibosses, Totally Radd!
  • 2004-08-11 The Khyber, Philadelphia PA, with The Power-Ups
  • 2004-09-11 North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA, with Jucifer, Stinking Lizavetta, Fuck with the Bull Get the Horns
  • 2004-09-29 Rutgers University, Busch Campus Center with The Bouncing Souls, Drive
  • 2004-10-01 – 03 MAGFest M3, Williamsburg, VA with The Minibosses, Virt and the VGMIX Crew, Wave Theory and More! (Ninja Gaiden 2 performance)
  • 2004-10-14 North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Open Minded Men, Marrow (Ninja Gaiden 2 performance)
  • 2004-10-16 CMJ Festival. Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY with Denim And Diamonds, Lost Film Festival, Evolution Control Committee, Medium Medium
  • 2004-10-17 C.O.D.E. Space, Philadelphia, PA with Humanasaur and Mother’s Anger (Ninja Gaiden 2 performance)
  • 2004-10-25 Tritone, Philadelphia, PA with: The Ultimate United Givers of Themes (SPECIAL SHOW THAT NEVER HAPPENEED)
  • 2004-10-30 Basement show, Hasbrouck Heights NJ w/ Burbis, Talk to Plants (Ninja Gaiden 2 performance)
  • 2004-11-04 Saints and Sinners, Long Island, NY with outernational (aka rapskallions) (Ninja Gaiden 2 performance)
  • 2004-12-18 C.O.D.E. Space, Philadelphia, PA with My Turn To Win, Lee Jae Won, Water School
  • Winter 2004-2005 US Tour with The Evolution Control Committee





In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the original CD release and final show, The Final Recordings has been re-issued on vinyl. mig50 spearheaded the project over the course of a year, and I was happy to contribute audio sources and artwork assets which were used to prepare this vinyl pressing.  

To coincide with this anniversary and reissue, the Chromelodeon Archive is proud to present:

The 10th Deathaversary Lost Media Collection

buried for 10 years, now RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE

Over the past few weeks, I have been digitizing video, ripping CDs, scanning photos and flyers, and cataloging the contents of a twenty-five pound cardboard treasure chest sent to me by Ryan Soloby. This unearthed media chronicles the band from it’s earliest incarnations, right up until the final show on April 27, 2007.  As if this wasn’t enough, there have been a few other interesting tidbits which have been added to the archive, including some upgrades, additions, and corrections to previously available content.

Ryan provided the following message to accompany the content:

Reasons why this is a thing, and why it might matter to some people:

  1. It is lucky that the following content survived. Chromelodeon was never very organized to begin with. This stuff was jammed into various boxes labeled “to sort later” and shuffled between moves for a decade. On top of that, the FORMATS of them were a nightmare. Chromelodeon existed before the era of iPhones. We had stuff spread cross analog and digital film and cameras of various formats (VHS? Why?).
  2. A brief glimpse into some of daily band life, from start to finish. Weeks and weeks and weeks spent on the road, pockets of friends across the country, enough of an occasional adrenaline rush to keep the moment up, years spent of the band cracking and repairing itself until the experience was over. A lot of the good times (and bad) are captured here. Sometimes, the two blended together. If you were a friend or a frequent show go-er, there’s a chance you are in a picture or video here.
  3. The very first Chromelodeon show video was found, and on top of that, the very first Drive Thru Pharmacy show was found (the ska band that comprised mostly of Chromelodeon members, in the 90’s). Interesting to have on record the beginning phases of this musical trip, if you can manage to get though it.

So take a browse while waiting for the upcoming 10th anniversary vinyl release, or while listening to it. Enjoy a final taste, and thanks for listening.


Browse all of the new content here, watch the new video footage on YouTube, or check out the highlights listed below (in rough chronological order).

2017-04-28 edit: “But wait, there’s more!” 
I just received a package in the mail containing 4 discs worth of goodies from the 3rd US Tour in 2005:

Endless thanks to Dino, Patrick, Dan, Denny, Dave, Eddy, Cameron, Brendan, Matt, and especially Ryan for their contributions of content, advice, assistance and support.

In the middle of the scramble to process this new content, both the backend and frontend of the site was updated and reorganized. If you encounter any broken links, corrupt files, or other site-related oddities, contact me at admin {at} chromelodeonarchive {dot} com.