1. Zillion (soundcheck) [0:28]
  2. Voder [5:56]
  3. Polygon Sun [3:48]
  4. Aluminum [5:53]
  5. Triangular [7:28]
  6. One [4:35]
  7. Five [5:45]
  8. Six [3:45]
  9. Sonic & Knuckles [2:04]
  10. Balloon Kid [2:39]
  11. Doom [5:18]
  12. U.N. Squadron [4:56]





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One Response to 2006-04-01 Video Armageddon, State College, PA

  1. […] On this Open Circuit, we bring you the latest from acoustic guitar gods Super Guitar Bros., music from bands with unconventional names (I challenge you to find a more complex band name than “Order of the Red-Banner Division Named After My Grandma“), and a pair of Goblin covers from Cheap Dinosaurs and Dubbed in English.  Plus, we’ve got some music from DrZepp (the early alias of Giant Claw‘s Keith Rankin), new music from the Tupper Ware Remix Party, and a snippit of a Chromelodeon concert recording which recently surfaced. […]

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