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This is in the top list of places we look forward to. Jeff @ The D.A.A.C. has always taken care of us, and the show was good enough for a sunday night (especially seeing all the shizzer fans coming out for us, and playing with The LSDudes was great as usual). All the guys from The LSDudes are some of the best around, and we partied two nights and three days with them when all was said and done. We baked a pornographic series of cakes featuring Pac-Man and friends at one point. We will miss the guys here, too bad Grand Rapids is a long drive from Philly.

Also forgot to mention earlier, on the way to driving to Chicago the other day, we were pulled over big time. Literally right before we got to the Mississippi river (the border of Iowa and IL), 4 cop cars and a narcotics squad surrounded us and pulled us over. After separating Dino and Denny (who were pilot and wingman at the time), and keeping the rest of us in the van, we went under some rigorous but silly questioning, and damn drug sniffing dogs went all over our van and in the trailer. Apparently they were looking for more big ticket arrests, and assumedly our ratty looking tourvan and trailer (and temp registration, long story) was suspicious looking. In any event, it was a long, tense pain in the ass, but we walked free. If anyone else remembers, this happened way back during our 1st US tour, in another middle-of-nowhere state (idaho), where the state trooper made us stand 50 feet away from the car (in a field, in the rain), while he combed our van hoping to bust us for something. Too bad he failed too!

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