Tour Journal:

This show was a last minute addition to fill in a gap. Unforunately, it was as disappointing as was Monkey Mania. We had done very well in Chicago on all previous tours, but this was a late addition on an ill-matched show, at a venue that wasn’t quite right for us (despite being booked all the time, The Blue Note is literally the Chicago version of Philly’s Grapestreet Pub, for those who know our area). The staff and other bands were friendly enough however, and once again we ducked out with a chunk of gas money. This tour is still proving to be the best ever, seeing as the very few “bad” shows still provide some fuel in the van.

Too bad the show wasnt up to expectations, because we drove 24 hrs (all day thursday into friday from denver) to get there! Agh. At least that was the only mega drive of tour, all the rest has been less excruitating.

Also, this entire tour we’ve seen some weird coincidences… such as the Power Rangers. Toys, puzzles, etc where ever we go, and we actually met and ate dinner with the creator of the Power Rangers @ A-KON last week (and the actor for Chewbacca as well!). The other coincidence being this really creepy painting of a cat playing with a unicorn at several venues, the very same picture as seen in the comedy central show STELLA (the episode where the guys flood the apartment below them, and the downstairs girls end up sleeping over).

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