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Today we finally got to relax a bit more. This was the last day of the con, so a lot of stuff was getting wrapped up by late afternoon. Attended the breakfast buffet social-mixer, where a number of con attendees paid to get in and eat/talk with all the featured guests of the convention, including us. Also held a booth for more merch and autographs, although the vast majority of the people got this done right after our show last night.

Following this, we got special treatment, as the featured guests and con staff sort of claimed sunday night as their own. After the attendees have left the convention center/hotel, the guests and staff traditionally go out to eat, all expenses paid by A-KON (this time it was a swank kobe-beef japanese steakhouse, with all the trimmings and sake to spare). Then after being shuttled back on the merry drunken buses, all night was spent in a massive hotel suite with an open bar, where much griping and congratulations were due for everyone that participated and made the convention happen.

Everyone, attendees staff and guests altogether, were extremely nice and appreciative of our efforts as a touring group doing fringe music… one of the many reasons why we love playing conventions of all sorts. Lets hope the budding invitations to come back next year come into fruition!

We’ll miss you, A-KON….

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