Tour Journal:
Late this evening we returned to our city, with everything and everyone pretty much intact. Those who are sick have pretty much recovered, and other localized vices have been satiated. The biohazard (tourvan) is a filthy wreck inside and out and deserves a rest.

Extra special thanks to everyone who helped out nightly in the last month. Staying with friends (new and old) has always been better than being isolated in some random motel (to quote one clerk that we had to bribe… “you have too many people in your room!”). The first 3/4 of the month opening for The Evolution Control Committee was very weird and fun (strange sitting in the car with “tradeMark G” all the time, who we formerly looked up to). All our fans and friends from the Shizz really surprized us across the country, and Aaron of the Minibosses and Phil from I Hate You When You’re Pregnant came through during the whole trailer accident. That alone kept us going.

We’ve got random people sending us pictures, and disposable cameras being developed, so check in next week for some final updates and thoughts.

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