Tour Journal:

This turned out to be a surprisingly ok show. Although we were on time, we had to wait quite a while for the venue to open, in the freezing streets of Michigan. Everyone was ready for the worst, but for New Years Day, a fair amount of people came out.

The LSDudes shared the bill with us, and we must say… were totally rad. Very well done video collages of odd and rare movie clips as well as old video games, all scored by 3 adept …dudes… on a variety of instruments (mostly doing electro dancey stuff). The whole trippy-gimmicky thing turned out to be tounge in cheek and was hilarious as well as visually entrancing. We definitely plan on returning to this venue, and doing more shows with that band as well.

Kudos to the Ohio and Detroit people who came out to this show, as well as a few from The Shizz! We hope to meet most of you from coast to coast this month.


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