Tour Journal:

Holy crap and happy new year. An ok event all around.

Some highlights:
1. An old christmas tree was launched off a 3rd story balcony, followed by bottles of champagne.
2. Several “Flaming Moe’s” were made. They were made wrong and tasted terrible. They were also thrown off the balcony.
3. We ran out of materials to make “Pissers”, our new drink for the tour we invented (1 can grapefruit soda + 2 shots of gold tequila)
4. Backflips onto tables (why are there footprints on the walls?)
5. Mark (from ECC) scaring people in the kitchen trying to get drunk off of Stohls beer.

We now are accompanied by one of Kentucky’s oddest gentlemen, Pearce himself. That makes 11 in the tourvan… complete maximum occupancy.

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