Tour Journal:
Unfortunately, this is one of the last events at our favorite venue/artspace in the city. Fortunately, it was unbelievably good, as usual. Plenty of people, some good fans, some crazy partying. Edmar who runs the whole deal and the publication Lumpen (very rad magazine) is one of the funniest people we know in the midwest, and a highlight of meeting on our tours.

We were all geared up to play a second set at 230am, and not 15 minutes beforehand, a squad of police invaded and kicked the whole lot out, attempting to stamp any fine possible. Goes to show why the venue is shutting down, too much pressure from the surrounding community. Humourously, one cop got causually pulled aside and asked “Hey man, did you used to break(dance)?”… to which he gruntingly admitted to. The other (smashed) partygoer was stoked to see an old friend.

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