Tour Journal:
Once again, Grand Rapids welcomes us with open arms! Another city that way-back-when we didnt expect anything from. The area, the fans, and the venue all are rad beyond belief. Also, we finally got to play with CAPTURED BY ROBOTS (after coincidentally not being able to jump on the bill with them 3 times in the last couple years). Hilarious and well developed stage act… one man fronting a band of robots actually playing instruments and interacting on stage! Special thanks to Kirk of The Shizz for the food relief (we’re out of money for gas stations to rape of fruit and chips), and all the other fans who drove distances for this one.

Tommorrow we take the day off to see BATMAN BEGINS and party with our friends the LSDudes and Cat Time!


  • Polygon Sun, Aluminum (partial), Triangular (partial) – YouTube


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