Tour Journal:

This venue was crazy…. an ex 70’s gay bar, turned into a punk rock cage match dive bar with an entire arcade to boot. The show itself was great (Mr Pacman was a fury of leather jumpsuits and nintendo punk rock, and Magic Cyclops was hilarious), and the attendance was again just enough to keep us going. Many thanks to the club and bands and fans, getting merch and making sure we got enough from the door to survive.

We love Denver, but we had to get a shower and some laundry done before the tour van becomes a biohazard. Fortunately Mr Pacman accomodated this. This is another reason why we love touring: such open welcoming friends (new and old alike). Spending months and months conversing online is nothing compared to finally enjoying a night or two while on tour with the people who make it happen for us.

Also, the best idea of tour thus far has been the fact that we all got Nintendo DS (gameboys) beforehand. With its wireless capacity (vulgar pictochat and Mariokart are current favorites) the long drives seriously have shrunk so much. 8 guys crammed into a van have now become a nonstop video game tournament featuring 8 guys crammed into a van.

Ah, and our van is getting really good gas mileage (because we sunk hundreds of dollars into pre-tour repairs, that we have yet to make back, but we’ll see). Maybe it’ll balance out in that respect. Having functional air conditioning this time around (with the new gameboys) just about keeps things bearable.

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