From the yearly archives: "2002"

The new website is (finally) updated and operational. It’s about time, hmm? Anyways, here’s the news in brief…

You’ll notice two options of the site marked “Media” and “Articles”. For now, the Media section just links to our page, but it will eventually contain a few things like pictures from practice and performances, songs we cover (in mp3 format), and maybe a video of something ridiculous. By the way, do visit the page ( Though it is the same three songs that can be found on the demo, the more that people listen to us on the website, the better chance that others will find us and give us a listen.

The articles section is probably the most in-depth view of the band that one could possibly gain from this website, as the writings therein are not written about them, but by them. This will be a regularly updated portion of the site.

Last (but specifically not least), we are proud to introduce Chris Singer as the seventh member of the band. He runs our lights and projectors. Also, he is hard to dislike (which is certainly a plus!).

Be sure to check back regularly as this site is ever-expanding.


The Webmaster

Hey! A show at Temple University has been finalized. It’s happening this coming sunday, February the 3rd. Check the schedule section of the site for more details. And while you’re at it, sign the mailing list if you want to hear news about us from time to time. Also, thanks to everyone who’s bought a CD! See you at the show!

Two new concerts to report. Friday, March 1st at the Knitting Factory in New York City, and Saturday, March 2nd at the Killtime in Philadelphia PA. See our schedule section of the site for more information. Also, take a look at the articles section of the site; we just started putting some up there. Don’t forget about the Temple University show this coming sunday. Hope to see some of you there.

Ok, so we found this new venue type deal at Scooters Skating Rink near Mount Laurel. It’s the hangout of a lot of rock and roll kids from Cherokee and Lenape High Schools, and it kinda reminds us of the Cafe Oasis days of yore (if you have any idea what that means). We’re playing there this saturday with a great rock band called Dusk. Check the performance schedule for more details and directions.

In other news, we heard that even though there was sort-of a nastiness at the Killtime a bit ago, the show we are playing there is supposedly still good to go. Cheers to all those involved for putting up with people in general.

The Killtime show is CANCELLED. Cancelled, indeed, because the Killtime itself is no longer a venue. We’re sorry. Very sorry. But hey, there’s another show scheduled for April 13th, at Scooters Skating Rink with Dusk and Entrace. There are some other shows on the horizon, and we’ll keep you updated.

Also, hopefully our site will be updated with another studio track, one which we didn’t include anywhere on our EP. Keep on the lookout for it, and keep listening!

So it seems that the Scooter’s Skating Rink show (and all subsequent shows at that very place) have been moved to Friday instead of saturday. Just thought you’d like to know. Hopefully this has already gone out on the mailing list.

In other news, some – if not all the rumours you’ve heard are true: Chromelodeon is going on tour this summer, starting in the middle of June. (What?! Why?!) As soon as everything is confirmed, we’ll be posting dates and places.

New show to report. A little late on updating, sorry. Tuesday, April 30th Temple University @ The Owl’s Cove, Mitten Hall. Starts at 7pm sharp. This Radiant Boy, Yours, Blood on the Tracks, I Dreamed of Pompeii. $3 at the door. Check our schedule for directions.


  1. Mysteriousness: Outer Space [8:12]
  2. Theaterland [7:16]
  3. Adventures In A Haunted House [7:39]
  4. Eloquence Is Dead [10:03]



Notes: This was the last show with Roger, and the first show with Denny.

We are rocking yet again at Scooter’s Rock & Skate. Friday, May 31st, starts at 10:30, $5 at the door. Bring a friend. Also, by checking our schedule, you’ll see that there are some dates of our upcoming summer tour posted, and not a moment too soon. Some of the venues are TBA as yet, but soon enough it’s going to be confirmed. Rock.