From the monthly archives: "December 2004"

Tour Journal:

Our tour sendoff show! With a lineup of other friends, and a massive crowd, we couldn’t have asked for a better tour launch. Although, things got a bit out of hand when numerous family members were introduced to Sparks, which eventually flowed like water. As usual. A heavy snowstorm started right after the show ended, lets hope its not a terrible omen….

Press Coverage:

Originally published on on December 22, 2004. Written by Doug Wallen.

So you’ve picked up all the tattered wrapping paper and drained the last of the eggnog. It’s the day after Christmas, and now what? Allow me to make a rather offbeat suggestion: Chromelodeon. I know, I know–a Philadelphia-area instrumental octet isn’t exactly the stuff of holiday tradition, but these guys have a lot going for them. Like what? Well, they’re about to embark on a national tour with oddball extraordinaire the Evolution Control Committee. And they were totally ahead of the whole classic-video-game-music trend–the first song on their In the Year 20XX EP is called “Wily’s Castle,” a Mega Man reference. But that’s nothing compared to their loving renditions of tunes from Ninja Gaiden 2, captured on a new EP. This show coincides with the release of both the EP and the band’s first proper album, Heart of Sawdust, on West Philly’s own Bloodlink label. It’s a booming battering ram of disparate riffs, epic synth atmosphere and every-instrument insanity. In other words, you’ve never heard anyone rock an accordion this hard.

Tour Journal:

Our second time at the venue. Fairly decent as before, although the area in general has a growing sense of apathy, we’re told. No snow yet!

Huge kudos to “Bruce aka Gypsy Scumbag”, Morgan (who did the artwork for our new album), DJ, and Punk Rock Pat… who drove all the way from Philly to Pitts to arrive in the middle of the night to meet us… because we had forgotten our projector (which is crucial, since Mark of Evolution Control Committee is relying on us having one).

Tour Journal:

This was a great show. Not only the “tour sendoff” for The Evolution Control Committee, but also the “farewell show” for them. TradeMark and Christy Brand will be locating to San Fransisco after touring with us (we’re literally dropping them off at their new house).

Very nice crowd and venue. We’ve been having a decent amount of misc video and pics taken, but havent been able to get them/upload them for various reasons. So sorry!

Tour Journal:

Here’s the exception to the good luck streak thus far. We surmized the poor attendance was due to the venue closing a day after our show, as well as the self-professed apathy of the staff and promoters.

In any case, we made the best of the situation, and post show did some video and audio recordings of the dual collaboration of Chromelodeon/Evolution Control Committee…. for both ECC’s “Lunch” and “Jesus Carp, Son of Cod”. We swear we’ll get all the goods up by mid-tour!

Tour Journal:

One of our few days off. We’ve spent it trying to catch up on the misc errands (ECC is packing for their final move), as well as healing the very ill.

Thus far, the weather and roads have been amazingly receptive to our mega tourvan (seating 11 people), plus a trailer that is absolutely full… tetris style.

Tour Journal:

Holy crap and happy new year. An ok event all around.

Some highlights:
1. An old christmas tree was launched off a 3rd story balcony, followed by bottles of champagne.
2. Several “Flaming Moe’s” were made. They were made wrong and tasted terrible. They were also thrown off the balcony.
3. We ran out of materials to make “Pissers”, our new drink for the tour we invented (1 can grapefruit soda + 2 shots of gold tequila)
4. Backflips onto tables (why are there footprints on the walls?)
5. Mark (from ECC) scaring people in the kitchen trying to get drunk off of Stohls beer.

We now are accompanied by one of Kentucky’s oddest gentlemen, Pearce himself. That makes 11 in the tourvan… complete maximum occupancy.