1. Polygon Sun [4:38]
  2. Aluminum [5:53]
  3. Triangular [10:01]
  4. One [5:12]
  5. Five [5:47]
  6. Six [3:46]
  7. The Parasprinter [3:03]



Tour Journal:

Whoops… we barely made it out of Philadelphia…we had to get the van inspected (it passed!), and had to drive really far to pick up the trailer. After stocking up on supplies at Scam Ash we hit the road with the usual late start (thanks for the hookup Tom!).

The show tonight went very well for our first out of town date on this tour. Our new set has come together nicely already, and we’ve found new friends with Karmella’s Game. Also, we ended up completely sparked thanks to the bartender Liz dishing out way too many free “Long Island Spark Teas”. Seriously sparked. Check the pictures at this link for proof:


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