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Unfinished Songs:

“Voting CD”: FLAC – 225 MBMP3 – 75.9 MB

“This was a ‘voting’ CD for potential tracks for the last SS album, which only got 1/3 done. Lots of lost potential!”

  1. Outrun 3D (SMS) – Midnight Highway [2:10]
  2. Phantasy Star III (GEN) – World Map [3:28]
  3. Abadox (NES) – Ending Theme / Credits [1:35]
  4. Rush ‘n’ Attack (NES) – Stage Theme 1 [0:50]
  5. Kenseiden (SMS) – Higo, Nagato, Settsu, Owari and Echyu [1:30]
  6. Columns (GEN) – Clotho (BGM 1) [3:06]
  7. Gremlins 2 (NES) – The Office [1:44]
  8. The Revenge of Shinobi (GEN) – My Lover [3:21]
  9. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) – Opening Theme (part 3) [2:00]
  10. Mega Man X3 (SNES) – Blizzard Buffalo [3:07]
  11. Warsong (GEN) – Title, Friendly Fight, Hard Battle [8:30]
  12. Air Zonk (TG16) – Stage 5-2 Music (Holo Genjin) [2:07]
  13. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES) – Castle & Fortress [3:07]
  14. Astro Warrior (SMS) – Galaxy Zone [2:51]
  15. Top Gear (SNES) – Las Vegas [3:07]
  16. Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA) – Walking Forward with Determination [2:24]
  17. Syd of Valis (GEN) – Stage 2 [2:05]
  18. Super Bomberman (SNES) – Boss [3:07]
  19. Amagon (NES) – Megagon [0:32]
  20. Double Dragon 2 (NES) – The Fight Continues [0:57]

“Band Selections” CD: FLAC – 86.3 MBMP3 – 44.3 MB

  1. Gremlins 2 (NES) – The Office [3:33]
  2. Kenseiden (SMS) – Higo, Nagato, Settsu, Owari and Echyu [1:26]
  3. Columns (GEN) – Clotho (BGM 1) [2:49]
  4. Warsong (GEN) – Title [3:16]
  5. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) – Opening Theme (part 3) [1:56]
  6. Outrun 3D (SMS) – Midnight Highway [5:49]
  7. Amagon (NES) – Megagon [1:04]
  8. Double Dragon 2 (NES) – The Fight Continues [1:50]
  9. Abadox (NES) – Ending Theme / Credits [1:32]
  10. Treasure Master (NES) – Worlds 3 & 5 (Microchip) [5:06]

Voting Sheets:


  1. Chaosium Sword [2:26]
  2. The Parasprinter [3:04]
  3. Ashtar [2:11]
  4. Finale [3:08]
  5. One [5:59]
  6. Five [5:39]
  7. Six [4:49]
  8. Road Rash [4:29]
  9. Zillion [5:23]
  10. Sonic & Knuckles [2:33]
  11. Red Max [3:56]
  12. Polygon Sun [3:40]
  13. Higgeldy Piggeldy [4:31]
  14. Wackadelly [3:40]
  15. G. A. H. [3:44]
  16. Aluminum [5:54]
  17. Triangular [9:10]
  18. Warsong [3:05]
  19. Doom [6:42]
  20. Voder [6:21]





Our 3rd performance at the annual (and insane) video game convention MAGFEST(5) turned out to be both epic and bittersweet. For pictures, check out Unfortunately, as things are looking, it was our unofficial last national-level show, and couldn’t have been a better one with our cross-country fans and friends in attendance. We’ll be lining up one last home city performance (and new recording?!) this spring. Please check back in mid Feb.

Polygon Sun:

Higgeldy Piggeldy: (working title: Higgeldy Piggeldy / Marshall Art)

Wackadelly: (working title: Wacky Delly)

G.A.H.: (working title: Goblin Ass Hat)


Triangular: (working title: Shuffle)

V.S.: (working title: Vagina Stretch)

Disco Dogs:

see also: 4th US Tour Backing Track, Drums + Keys Practice, 2006-02-xx Practice Session.

*these files were recovered from damaged CD-Rs and have some irreparable glitches. 
**these are “bootleg” combinations of various versions of songs, edited and mixed to highlight elements not prominent in the regular album versions.


    1. Polygon Sun [3:46]
    2. Higgeldy Piggeldy [4:42]
    3. Wackadelly [3:38]
    4. G. A. H. [3:57]
    5. Aluminum [5:53]
    6. Triangular [7:28]



Buy The Album:

More Info:


  1. Finale [2:39]
  2. One [5:26]
  3. Red Max [3:54]
  4. Polygon Sun [3:40]
  5. Higgeldy Piggeldy [4:36]
  6. Wackadelly [3:37]
  7. G. A. H. [3:47]
  8. Aluminum [5:54]
  9. Triangular [6:35]
  10. V. S. [2:39]
  11. Doom [4:54]
  12. Chaosium Sword [3:02]
  13. The Parasprinter [4:08]
  14. Ashtar [2:59]
  15. Zillion [5:04]
  16. Sonic & Knuckles [1:50]
  17. Warsong [4:43]
  18. Five [5:41]
  19. Six [4:15]
  20. Voder [5:43]






Candid Photos:

Originally published on on April 30, 2007. Written by Chris DeRosa.

Chromelodeon was a band that I had immediately followed ever since I saw them perform an entire set of Ninja Gaiden 2 covers at the Virginia based Magfest 3 gaming convention. For 7 years, they were able to successfully achieve a marriage of synths, guitars, bass, accordion, and drums that would help define their sound and style as “epic old school gaming prog rock”. But as all good things must come to an end, Chromelodeon had announced at the beginning of the year that they would be calling it quits, with one final show at their Philadelphia home base in April. Not to go out with a whimper, they also decided to release a new album with 6 original songs that were never recorded before. Dubbed “The Final Recordings”, this album serves as an emotional look at a band that had stuck together for so long without ever losing a step along the way. And it shows everyone who never had the chance to see or hear them just what they had missed out on.

The album opens with a bang, short and simple, to kick off the opening track “Polygon Sun”. It follows through with mesmerizing keyboard work and soon after comes a strong beat that demands heads to at least bob along. The melodies play out great and manage to build up so well in such short time. Leading straight into the rhythmically hypnotizing “Higgeldy Piggeldy” and “Wackadelly”, you get the sense that these tracks blend so well into each other and progress almost in an evolutionary way while still maintaining the same style and theories. It’s almost like this entire album could almost be merged into one track with just different movements. And that’s a good thing.

“G.A.H.” is a great straight forward rock track. It works in its marching simplicity, which in turn is a nice change of pace from the preceding tracks. All in all it prepares you for what might be the band’s finest moments. “Aluminum” starts off beautifully, with the guitars setting the tone with a genius chordal progression. Then soon enough the song turns you upside down and shakes you when it sets everything to rocking out. It’s a very powerful song, even the second time around. As the synth arpeggios wind the song down, the finale starts up in the form of “Triangular”.

“Triangular” is a very important footnote for Chromelodeon and their fans. To some, it might just be the best song they’ve ever written. The upbeat nature of the tune is enough to put a smile on your face, and that’s before the catchy lead section comes in. Everything comes together so well, and the perfection just makes you wish that it would never end. It’s fitting that it would be the longest track on the album, and the end of a band’s illustrious journey. It truly is a song to experience to really understand its purpose.

As solid and amazing as the album is, the packaging is just as great. And the album’s design layout should be mentioned as it’s very well done by Denny, the band’s bassist. Unfortunately, these works of art were only printed in a set of 100, and they have since sold out. I’m sure that a new printing will be done soon, but I’m honestly not sure if they’ll come in the same packaging. That shouldn’t discourage you, though. The Final Recordings are, simply put, the most proper send off that a band of such a high caliber could ever see to releasing.

Originally published on on May 7, 2007. 

Chromelodeon just recently released what will be their final album, in conjunction with their farewell show on April 27th. Blending heavy post-rock sounds with chiptune-style synthesizers, their career works are split fairly evenly between video game covers and original compositions. In fact, they’re the only band I know of that combines more traditional rock elements with chiptunes — it seems it’s always one or the other — and the results make you wonder why no one else has caught onto this idea. The final recordings are all originals, heavily inspired by video game music, and easily rank among their finest works. They have a very limited quantity of the final album, releasing only 100 at their last show and offering an additional 50 through Myspace. So, if you want a copy I recommend messaging them about it immediately.


Bonus: Chromelodeon became known in part due to their awesome live shows, which involved the band playing against the backdrop of various moving images, ranging from Ninja Gaiden cut scenes to mesmerizing 8-bit video art pieces. Check out the strangely beautiful chaos that was to be projected while the band performed “Polygon Sun” (and prepare to slip into epileptic shock).


Miscellaneous Remixes:

  • Triangular Womanizer (Britney Spears mashup, version 1) [3:47] – MP3 – 4.7 MB
  • Triangular Womanizer (Britney Spears mashup, version 2) [4:17] – MP3 – 9.8 MB


Notes: These unofficial edits were prepared for a radio broadcast where they would be played outside of the context of the album.  The intros and outros were edited to remove the between-song transitions.