Tour Journal:

Denver pulls through again! This is the new best show of the tour thus far… we are always pretty impressed (surprized!) by the community in this city. Josh and his girlfriend are some of the nicest people we’ve encountered on the road (sweeeeeet!). Amazing turnout, and we enjoyed the bill (which was pretty filled). By now between Dino’s cellphone and Mark (ECC)’s PDA we have random clips of bands we liked as well as bizzare loses of sanity in the tourvan, and other strange ambience. We’ll try to load those somehow by the end of the tour. Ah, and we met the semi-famous “cuss kid”.

We stocked up at a local all-night taco joint (15 people in the drive thru on foot), in the freezing cold. We’ve got an extremely long drive to Phoenix, and we’ve got to leave in the middle of the night without sleep… or clean laundry… or showers… or sparks…


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