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Originally published on on 2006-11-16.
When was the last time I saw a guy rocking out on a piano-tar and a double deck of keyboards, another guy on accordion, a guy on another double deck of keyboards, two guitars and a full set of heavy metal drums? Oh yeah, Saturday night at The Khyber. I rocked out to the tunes of Chromelodeon, a group of rockers inspired by soundtracks to video games. I’m not talking about the new ones with songs from the Top 40 stations. I’m talking about the 8-bit systems with some serious MIDI sound.

Lady goes to grad school with the piano-tarist and suggested we head out to see them and I’m glad we did. I have a flickr set of fourteen photos from their performance. I just noticed that Flickr has now enabled commenting on a set of photos and not just the individual ones, cool.

I wasn’t able to identify the songs nor the obscure games they came from except for one which I’m confident was the theme to the original Zelda for NES. I must say that the most rocking-est performer was the Kevin Smith lookalike accordionist. He showed up late, they announced from his own wedding, and just jumped on stage with his overcoat and flopping hair. He gestured to someone to hand him a case and out popped the accordion. The crowd went wild. Especially wild all throughout the forty minute set, blue glasses superfan #1. He was rocking so hard, his glasses fell off his face, but not before he caught them with his own hair. The piano-tarist reminded me a lot of Arty Ziff from The Simpsons – the same hair. The double keyboardist very much reminded us of the guy from Wayne’s World who was about to spew in the Mirthmobile.

I would be remiss in posting on a video game music inspired band without mentioning Minibosses introduced to me by that 1L Heller, AK.

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