Tour Journal:

Yikes… our 3rd time back at Kilby Court, and yet again it was scheduled for a monday night. And it did ok attendance wise. And a 3rd time in a row the venue couldn’t offer a buck for gas. When things like this happen, it seems obvious that others would take up some punk rock ethics and shell out at least $20 for the depraved touring act from far away (with all our EIGHT members needing food, and ridiculous gas hog tourvan with trailer). We ourselves have done so in the past when on the opposite side of the show. Its absolutely brutal on us. But we have higher expectations for the latter half of this tour…

We’ve sunk into major gas debt from having to drive to SLC, and then having to drive to Denver the next day. Thanks to Jacob at Boing House for still being around to house us.


Here’s some pics from yesterday… we had a day off in Vegas… thanks to Joie for putting up with us yet again, we generally behaved.\


  • June 5 2005 – Las Vegas
  • June 6 2005 – Salt Lake City
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