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A night of music at the Cove
Originally published on April 29, 2004 in The Temple News ( Written by Andrea Reich.

Fans and friends filled the Owl Cove on Tuesday night as Temple’s student-run radio station, WHIP 91.3, sponsored their first annual Battle of the Bands. Nearly 30 bands submitted CDs and the station narrowed that number down to 13 bands who were then asked to perform.

Bands were judged on originality, stage presence, timing, lyrics (originality), vocals and overall sound. The judges were WHIP’s own rock director, Alexander Rosenkreuz, technical director, Roy Brown, and Rock DJ, Justin Biasi.

The show was delayed a half-hour, but the bands – when they finally made it onstage – more than made up for it.

The band Orphans offered a rap beat backed up by awesome instrumentals, including a full drum kit and bongos. They won over the audience, forcing the crowd to its feet and to the front of the stage. It would seem they moved the judges as well, because Orphans won second place in the battle.

Temple’s own kept the fun and the music coming when Mini Band took the stage. The group was comprised of a mini guitar, mini bass and mini drum kit.

Other Temple favorites also put in appearances. When Fat City Reprise walked onstage their fans went crazy. There was a lot of love for FCR as fans snapped pictures and sang along. The band’s energy and stage presence was great; it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves.

One of the last bands to play was disqualified when they played over their allotted time. Screams were heard from all over as several band members gave the finger to the judges.

The night switched direction (literally) as the crowd was directed to the wall adjacent to the stage where the next band, Chromelodeon was tuning up.

“Stages are for rock bands and lyrics are for poets,” said the band’s accordion player David Chapman.

This was proven true as Chromelodeon took over the area near the stage and wowed the audience.

Chromelodeon consists of Vinnie Cordd on drums, Ryan Soloby and Dino Linonetti on synthesizer, Dan Tarng and Eddy Tsang on guitar, Denny Barron on bass, Chris Singer on lights, and David Chapman on accordion. Chromelodeon came quipped with their own flashing colored lights, claiming it must be dark when they play. They were a band that truly proved they were musicians. Their sound was genuinely unique, even when compared to the diverse group of bands chosen to play that night. And they lived up to their philosophy; Chromelodeon didn’t need lyrics to win or a stage to prove they knew how to rock.

As the first place winners, Chromeolodeon won $150 to Sam Ash and 8 hours of recording time at the Music Training Center with one of Philadelphia’s top producers. The band was in shock when they heard they won. They were actually still cheering for the second place winners, Orphans, who took home 2 hours of recording time and $75 to Sam Ash.

Chromelodeon’s good news doesn’t stop here. They recently found out their next CD will be put out by Blood Link Records.

With a stellar lineup of Temple bands, WHIP’s first annual Battle of the Bands was a success. Hopefully, Temple students can look forward to its return next year.

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