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Originally published on on April 6, 2005. Written by Emily Brochin.

Listening to Chromelodeon, an eight-piece band whose members grew up together in southern New Jersey, is akin to climbing inside a videogame programmed by members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mr. Bungle. Working with a plethora of instruments ranging from the typical guitar-and-drums combination to violins, an accordion and a bank of synthesizers, Chromelodeon put on a hell of a show. The band is preparing to embark on a third national tour to promote their two latest albums, The Dark Sword of Chaos and Heart of Sawdust. Though it’s obvious their sound is heavily influenced by Nintendo, the band is more than a gamer’s dream come true. They produce heavily composed sonic tapestries with an epic flavor that evokes princesses and dragons duking it out in the heath. In a town overflowing with bands, Chromelodeon is one of a kind.

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