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  1. Red Max [3:56]
  2. Polygon Sun [3:40]
  3. Higgeldy Piggeldy [4:31]
  4. Wackadelly [3:38]
  5. G. A. H.  [3:46]
  6. Aluminum [5:57]
  7. Triangular [6:31]
  8. V. S. [2:35]
  9. Doom [4:24]



Tour Journal:


Thanks to everyone who came out and our friend bands that played… the turnout was really good despite the heavy rain. Apologies that the visuals weren’t up and running yet, but hope the new material was well enjoyed… we will be taking it on the road the whole month and on!

Our tour-temp drummer Pat (aka Bucky) has officially been initiated by fire! Pun intended.


Press Coverage:
Originally published on on May 31 2006. Written by Doug Wallen.
Chromelodeon kick off their fourth cross-country tour during a period of transition. Graduated from local Bloodlink Records and looking for a bigger label, the octopus-armed instrumentalists want to shake the habit of playing old video game music, creating the side project Sprite Slow-down to specialize in that stuff. That means a return to the full-throttle lights-out epics that first got the band’s name out there. Still, they’re not above catering to the geek contingent-the crux of their tour is a performance at the huge anime convention A-KON 17. And when the band is cornered, don’t be surprised if some Ninja Gaiden slips out.

Originally published in Philadelphia City Paper on June 1 2006. Written by A.D. Amorosi.
Philly’s rulers of GameBoy-driven grime, icy cinematic spacejunk and Theremin-stroked chaos won’t be around for awhile. Not because two of its crew just had babies. Rather, Chromelodeon—whose recent Heart of Sawdust is an A.D. household fave—will be touring. Along the way they’ll hit places like A-KON 17, America’s largest anime convention (they’ll play to 15,000+ and lecture regarding fringe media). Chrome-dome Ryan Soloby says, “We’re so well-known in these convention circles. I’m in talks with several others spanning into 2007.”


  1. Red Max [4:17]
  2. Polygon Sun [3:41]
  3. Higgeldy Piggeldy [4:32]
  4. Wackadelly [3:41]
  5. G. A. H. [3:47]
  6. Aluminum [5:55]
  7. Triangular [6:34]
  8. V. S. [2:35]
  9. Doom [4:27]




Polygon Sun:

Higgeldy Piggeldy: (working title: Higgeldy Piggeldy / Marshall Art)

Wackadelly: (working title: Wacky Delly)

G.A.H.: (working title: Goblin Ass Hat)


Triangular: (working title: Shuffle)

V.S.: (working title: Vagina Stretch)

Disco Dogs:

see also: 4th US Tour Backing Track, Drums + Keys Practice, 2006-02-xx Practice Session.

*these files were recovered from damaged CD-Rs and have some irreparable glitches. 
**these are “bootleg” combinations of various versions of songs, edited and mixed to highlight elements not prominent in the regular album versions.


  1. Finale [2:39]
  2. One [5:26]
  3. Red Max [3:54]
  4. Polygon Sun [3:40]
  5. Higgeldy Piggeldy [4:36]
  6. Wackadelly [3:37]
  7. G. A. H. [3:47]
  8. Aluminum [5:54]
  9. Triangular [6:35]
  10. V. S. [2:39]
  11. Doom [4:54]
  12. Chaosium Sword [3:02]
  13. The Parasprinter [4:08]
  14. Ashtar [2:59]
  15. Zillion [5:04]
  16. Sonic & Knuckles [1:50]
  17. Warsong [4:43]
  18. Five [5:41]
  19. Six [4:15]
  20. Voder [5:43]






Candid Photos: