Given some recent additions to the site I figure it’s time to do a little news post pointing out the new content:

  • A Merchandise archive with images of old t-shirts, buttons, flyers, and misc merch (a fruitelodeon stein?  okay!).  Thanks to Zach Patterson, Mikhail Ivanov, Luke Delengowski, and Kevin Martinez for the images.  I know there’s more out there (anyone have the Gameboy thought-cloud shirt?), so send in what you’ve got!
  • As a direct result of creating this image-heavy page, a site-wide improvement of the image galleries has been implemented.  Pages load faster, and images are much easier to navigate as a result.
  • A YouTube channel was set up, and playlists were created listing all of the videos and songs I could find on the site.  Some of these playlists have been integrated to the various pages in the archive… which brings me to this:
  • A full 53 minute video of a 2006 set has surfaced!  Thanks to Epileptic Peat (of This Place Is Haunted and You Bred Raptors?) for providing the footage, George Force for filming, and Kaptain Carbon for providing the show flyer image.



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