Originally published on good-evil.net. Written by Andrew Raub.

It’s not often that a non-videogame cover band will cover some videogame tunes, let alone a full album. The Dark Sword of Chaos is the result of a band full of Ninja Gaiden II fans getting some free recording time. While the covers contained on this album are not typical Ninja Gaiden II covers, they are some of the best around.

The Dark Sword of Chaos is heavier, more epic, and packed with loads more of everything that made In the Year 20XX awesome. These guys do a great job at blending their own style in with synths that closely resemble the NES soundtrack. The entire album is cohesive and never breaks the style.

If you are a fan of videogame covers then this is a must-have. There are samples on their website, please check them out. For those of you who aren’t into the VG cover scene, it’s still enjoyable.

Rating: Classic


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