Originally published in Deek Magazine, Issue 20 (The Brutality Incident) in April 2006. 

It’s a very welcome change to hear a band that doesn’t fit in with most of the synthesizer-driven rock music surfacing lately. Chromelodeon is that band. An 8-piece group that produces heavily prog-based instrumental epics, utilizing everything from keys, accordian, violin, theremin, and vocoders, Chromelodeon could never be mistaken for any dance-punk synthesizer schlock. Heart of Sawdust was released on Bloodlink Records, the same label that has put out releases from indie-wierdos like An Albatross, Milemarker, and Atom & his Package. Chromelodeon may be closest in relation to An Albatross, but are much more given to Rick Wakeman’s 70s prog keyboard work, combined with some of the sinsiter musings of Fantomas for good measure.
The six tracks on this record clock in at almost a half an hour, with each track building and climbing in a very straightforward manner (straightforwardly?). Their songs are not simplistic, but from the start of the first track to the end of track six, Chromelodeon seem to be driving towards the finish line. Or maybe they’re flying on the wings of some fantastic griffon. Whatever it is, I hope they don’t stop.

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