Originally published on alternative-scene.blogspot.com on February 19, 2006.

Remember the golden 80/90’s videogame age where game music was all about electronic pop/rock sounds? Where whole instrumental tracks could fit a midi? Well, Chromelodeon is one of the bands that brough us some of the music we heard on Ninja Gaiden II, Megaman and Transformers. Sprite Slowdown, a side project from some former members of Chromelodeon, brough us tunes from Ecco The Dolphin, Doom or Sonic & Knuckles…
Chromelodeon is an eight-piece instrumental rock band from Philadelphia. The instruments used by the band consist of: guitars, bass, drums, synths, accordion and an electric violin. So, you get to hear cool videogame covers with some great instrumentals? You sure do… And gosh, they sound so great! The keyboards accompany guitars so well on their galloping rhythmic horses of slaughter that would make some people freeze. Chromelodeon’s music mixes sarcasm with musical wit to deliver a genuinely crafted book of music. Topping even The Mars Volta in ‘Eloquence is Dead’ from “In The Year 20XX” album in their quest to include as much progressive sensibility as they can into one song, Chromolodeon rage back with a tense rope of swinging guitars and vocals that sound like they are modulated by the same instruments used by Britney Spears (yeah, that bitch) and the like. You know, the ones that transform your vocals into certain vowels to create a compressed effect, like Imogen Heap or Daft Punk. Sprite Slowndown is a remastered tribute cover to some videogames, and sure sounds as good as Chromelodeon.
For sure, they are a mark in the experimental indie rock market, something that’s quite easy to hear and mellow enough to stay in your head for a long time! And if you ever have the chance to hear either bands live, don’t waste it! At stage, they’re perfect… Give it a listen, you won’t dislike it.
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