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Sonic spirit cast
A life, a piece of glass
Hurtling towards the planet
But you’d swear it was an accident

Heaven help us all
We’re seventh dimensional
Objects which our universes
Never did see before this curse

Woah, woah, woah, woah

Here we go

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  1. Artificial Means [6:25] (lyrics)
  2. Holy Sons [5.34] (lyrics)
  3. Adventures in a Haunted House [6:21] (lyrics)
  4. Papa So Get Angry [3:15]



This EP was recorded prior to the band renaming to Chromelodeon, and has been referred to the”Adventures In a Haunted House” EP. The title of this archive entry reflects the CD release artwork. CD releases of this EP did not include Papa So Get Angry. 


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Rough Mixes: FLAC (zipped) – 132 MB – MP3 (zipped) – 40.4 MB

  1. Holy Sons [5.35] (lyrics)
  2. Artificial Means [6:29] (lyrics)
  3. Adventures in a Haunted House [6:24] (lyrics)
  4. Papa So Get Angry [3:13]

Demos / Practice Recordings:




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  1. Mysteriousness: Outer Space [8:12]
  2. Theaterland [7:16]
  3. Adventures In A Haunted House [7:39]
  4. Eloquence Is Dead [10:03]



Notes: This was the last show with Roger, and the first show with Denny.

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