From the monthly archives: "May 2007"

Originally published on on May 7, 2007. 

Chromelodeon just recently released what will be their final album, in conjunction with their farewell show on April 27th. Blending heavy post-rock sounds with chiptune-style synthesizers, their career works are split fairly evenly between video game covers and original compositions. In fact, they’re the only band I know of that combines more traditional rock elements with chiptunes — it seems it’s always one or the other — and the results make you wonder why no one else has caught onto this idea. The final recordings are all originals, heavily inspired by video game music, and easily rank among their finest works. They have a very limited quantity of the final album, releasing only 100 at their last show and offering an additional 50 through Myspace. So, if you want a copy I recommend messaging them about it immediately.


Bonus: Chromelodeon became known in part due to their awesome live shows, which involved the band playing against the backdrop of various moving images, ranging from Ninja Gaiden cut scenes to mesmerizing 8-bit video art pieces. Check out the strangely beautiful chaos that was to be projected while the band performed “Polygon Sun” (and prepare to slip into epileptic shock).