From the monthly archives: "December 2006"

Press Coverage:
Originally published on on November 29, 2006. Written by Jean Luc Renault.

Chromelodeon: an instrument invented by Harry Partch that plays chromatic pitches through a reed organ. Chromelodeon: a Philadelphia-based band known for playing epic music that combines the manly glory of Braveheart and He-Man with the playful familiarity of video game music. Less 32-bit than their side project Sprite Slowdown, the octet still bring to mind the clash of digitized swords with music that’s heroic, tragic and facetious all at once. While the group doesn’t actually utilize Partch’s unique instrument, Chromelodeon’s mix of finely orchestrated keyboards, hard-driving prog-rock-ish guitars, wailing squeezeboxes and solid no-frills drums combines to create a distinct sound that places them light years ahead of your typical rock band. (Jean Luc Renault)

Note: Chromelodeon dropped out of this show at the last minute according to their website.

Hi everyone. Apologies about the last minute dropoff on the Khyber show this weekend. We are experiencing the culmination of many terminal issues right now. May or may not mean a permenate hiatus. More to come soon. Hopefully we’ll be at MAGFEST. Best wishes for the holidays, will have an update by the end of the month.