From the monthly archives: "October 2001"


  1. Artificial Means [6:25] (lyrics)
  2. Holy Sons [5.34] (lyrics)
  3. Adventures in a Haunted House [6:21] (lyrics)
  4. Papa So Get Angry [3:15]



This EP was recorded prior to the band renaming to Chromelodeon, and has been referred to the”Adventures In a Haunted House” EP. The title of this archive entry reflects the CD release artwork. CD releases of this EP did not include Papa So Get Angry. 


More Info:

Rough Mixes: FLAC (zipped) – 132 MB – MP3 (zipped) – 40.4 MB

  1. Holy Sons [5.35] (lyrics)
  2. Artificial Means [6:29] (lyrics)
  3. Adventures in a Haunted House [6:24] (lyrics)
  4. Papa So Get Angry [3:13]

Demos / Practice Recordings:




Band: Hey Dino, why didn’t you update the website?
Me: Ugh… I’m sick. Call me later.
Band: Hey Dino, why aren’t you updating our website?
Me: … well, I uh, I’m kinda busy now.
Band: Hey Dino, update the fucking website or you’re out of the band.
Me: 🙁 *sigh*

So anyway, I’m sorry. Big news ahead!

First of all, we cut a demo. Three songs, and a super secret song which we will probably put up on or something. It sounds awesome. We’re selling it for $1, methinks… maybe $2.

Also, we have to change our name. There already is a Choose Your Own Adventure, and they’re in our area. Oh well. Good luck, Other Choose Your Own Adventure. E-mail us with suggestions! Or to ask us about playing a show, for that matter!

Lastly, we’re playing (yet another) backyard show this coming saturday, the 12th, at Summer Smith’s house in BALTIMORE?!?! That’s right, Baltimore. Can you say road trip? We can.